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Conception I Filming I Editing

be helpful - be inspiring - be meaningful

These are the 3 attributes any viewer desires. Long gone is the time when you had to create expensive campaigns to get your potential client interested. Nowadays, the pace is fast and above all ... personal.


That's why it's so important for brands & companies to reach out on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram (Stories, Reels) or Youtube (Shorts). Short videos are therefore one of the most important tools. They are the easiest way to show your brand, your values, overall feel and vibe + to get your viewers hooked for more.

That's where I come into play!


Hi, I'm Britta ...

... and you'll probably be wondering how a hair & make-up artist over the last 15 years ended up doing video creations for social media.

I'm glad you asked!

Being able to work internationally in the advertising, beauty & fashion industry in London, Milan, Paris, Dubai and Vienna has allowed me to gain a lot of insights. Since reels and stories became more important I always had a knack for content creation, but most importantly I always had a lot of fun doing it. Be it "Behind the scene"-shots, showing off the styling or promoting PR-gifted products. Honestly ... I even just love(d) to film my travel adventures, where I capture great restaurants, rooftop bars, vintage stores and many other activities. As well, I admit it, I'm a Tiktok addict. So, naturally, ofc I still love doing makeup, but filming and editing is simply the thing that excites me the most since such a long period now. 


Now you know!



As a video creator, I don't just film what I see, I create stories and scenes that take viewers to new and unexpected worlds and places. 

My videos are shot vertically and are designed for social media usage such as instagram or 
tiktok (9:16), but I can also deliver for horizontal usage.

My Equipment:
iphone 13 pro (max. 4K 60 fps), DJI Gimbal, wireless mic, editing programs


What lipstick is she wearing?

Beauty I Fashion

This section is all about makeup, hair and styling. Capturing stunning models, creating a mood and playing with fabric. Product placement can easily be integrated and promoting a brand has never been more easy.

This section can vary from brand promotion to sed card videos for clients and is very adaptable.


Is it worth the hype?

Restaurants I Cafés

Who doesn't love a sneak peek into a new restaurant and an honest review of the menu and location?


This section can vary from impressions only to full reviews with voiceover and captions to UGC content.


Are we going?

Events I Locations

Most requested are videos of events and special locations, because viewers want to know how it feels to be there. This is especially important to create a trust between the brand and the viewer. So they can always be sure that events by this brand will rock and be fun.


"I have enough content" said no influencer ever.

Influencer I Brands I BTS

Everything is content! A visit at the beautician? Content. A coffee at the new hotspot in town? Content. Sitting on the couch? Conent. Walking around? Content. 

The list is endless and so are the ideas to follow up with daily inspiration for the viewers.

Beauty I Fashion

Events I Locations 

Restaurants I Cafés

Influencer I Brands I BTS